Just Gold Update:

2016-09-13 15:31:37 by PoutyBat

Just letting you all know that preparation for my full animated production "Just Gold" has now begun.

Currently the production is in the pre-production stage where the research into the necessary scenes, props, characters, etc are getting looked into as well as the general lore are all being researched and thoroughly evaluated by me in order to create the correct feeling of atmosphere and aesthetic of the animation for the viewers.

A production blog is also in the process of being set up as well as a regular production schedule which includes streams and levels of completion and times when I am available to chat.

So, what's coming the down the pike;

1) The launching of a production blog 

2) The announcement of a discord to connect with me and talk about JG or anything FNaF, etc related

3) Scripts

4) Character model sheets (including turnarounds) to keep character on model

5) Hopefully at least a rough animatic


My hope is to at least have a rough animatic released by the end of December. That is my goal but it is very tentative considering this time of year is very busy for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read!


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